Thursday, 26 July 2012

my cutie pets!

hey guys! it's been a while. sorry!  a lot of things had happened to me and i regret not blogging it. i missed blogging so much. Don't worry from now on ill promise ill blog more often even though tomorrow i'm off for a job interview. I've got a lot of pictures to show to you guys but ill start off with my new pet's pictures.

meet fatso and darko .
aren't they the cutest? i love bunnies and i think they are the perfect pet they are gentle and very lovable creatures.

this little fellow is igor. he is a crossbreed of a shih tzu and a lhasa aphso breed. i gor is very sweet but very very naughty and playful he lies to chew on everything his favorite chew toy is my foot.haha. my pets are what keeps me busy right now having pets is kinda being like a mom. its hard work but it pays off when i see them happy. i love them all.

hope u like the picture of my pets and wish me luck on my job interview tomorrow. I promise to post make up reviews,hauls and gyaru stuff next time.. till then