Saturday, 21 May 2011

PFW update!

Hello everyone sorry for not blogging for a long time i've just been busy. So you all know i went to the Philippine Fashion Week to see the Wrangler Fashion Show but we figured we should go to the Luxewear Fashion show first before the Wrangler.So we went to the Luxewear Fashion show first and we were late! no friggin seats available! (can't show you pictures of the show on this post cause the pictures are with my bestfriend) So after the Luxewear show we went to MOA for the Wrangler Fashion Show and the friggin mall was super crowded! The Wrangler Fashion Show was held in the middle of the mall! I'm so small i can't see the friggin stage!! NOOOOOOOO! so we went to grab dinner instead . I promise to show pictures on my next post for now this is me with my Luxewear Fashion Show ticket. I also wanna thank Ms.Tatie of  FASCHE.ORG for our tickets!

and another thing!! so i cooked this for dinner it's called Caldereta (Filipino Beef Stew) okaaay no friggin connection to Fashion Week but WTH haha just wanna show it to you guys! 

That's it for now! 


  1. woahh I've never been to a fashion show!! Is it awesome? :D

  2. @chococcuro yes it is! too bad were late haha