Thursday, 7 April 2011

Etude House purple eye look

So i made this simple purple eyelook using  etude house  PETIT DARLING EYES BL504 its a has a 2.5g Pearl pigment, one-color eye shadow with light, moist sensation adds long lasting sparkle and color to eyes.(info lifted from site). 

Here is how it looks like


Kawaii packaging 

Here is how it looks like on my eyes

kawaii right? super sparkly! me loves it!

how i did it?
1st i lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner then i put the PETIT DARLING EYES BL504 all over my lids then i put black eye liner on my waterlines curled my lashes and put on my favorite mascara as simple as that! easy right?

Now for the final look

lipstick by ever bilena: pink goddess 
you see that red part on my nose? sorry for that was on the beach last week got and i got sun burns gave me a hard time taking a cute pic.. errr

that's it for now guys buh bye!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

colorful tiger/leopard print eyes!

Today was a super boring day so i grabbed my brushes and palletes and tried something new. I was inspired by this video of Michelle Phan but i decided to change it up a little bit

here are some photos...

                                                                      Michelle Phan's version


My colorful version




my very 1st blog post!

yey! i finally made my newest blog! this is my very 1st blog post 04/05/2011! My name is Sheila, i love pink and glitters i love dresses and make ups and all girly stuffs! This blog will be all about fashion and make ups and everything cute! i hope i have atleast 100 followers and lots of sponsors! i also wish to win some kind of blog awards haha (in my dreams right?)  follow me also on tumblr and on twitter . That's it for now! gotta go get some sleep guys! goodnight everyone!

P.S. leaving u guys with a snap shot of me! :P